Session 1:  Smart Planning

  • Han ADMIRAAL “Urban integrated underground spaces” (Invited lecture) (DownLoad)
  • Monique LABBÉ “Underground space: at the crossroads of technical and social disciplines  (Invited lecture)
  • Katia LAFFRECHINE “Urban underground spaces: functional and multidisciplinary approach” (Invited lecture)

Session 2: Smart Underground Space

  • Geoffrey LEVERMORE “ More smart underground space and infrastructure to mitigate and adapt to climate change” (Invited lecture) (Down Load)
  • Xiongyao XIE “Smart Technology for Settlement Control Towards Zero Deformation Shield Tunneling” (Invited lecture) (DownLoad)
  • Federico Foria; Ricardo Ferraro; Gabriele Avancini; Esther Peticchia; Gabriele Miceli “ARCHITA: an innovative multidimensional mobile mapping system for tunnels and infrastructures” (DownLoad)

Session3: Smart Infrastructures I

  • Sebastien STORMACQ « Smart Cities in the cloud” (Invited lecture) (DownLoad)
  • Xiaojun LI “Underground space development with digital and smart services” (Invited lecture) (Down Load)
  • Claudio Mingrino “Above and below the ground: ultimate technologies, platforms, integrated solutions, artificial intelligence and deep analytics to improve cities’ management: the Huawei vision about modern and integrated Smart Cities” (Invited lecture). (DownLoad)

Session 4: Resilient infrastructures I

  • Isam Shahrour « Use of the smart city concept for underground space resiliency » (Invited lecture) (DownLoad)
  • Khalid El Ghazouli; Jamal El-Khatabi; Isam Shahrour; Aziz Soulhi “Comparison of M5 Model Tree and Nonlinear Autoregressive with eXogenous inputs (NARX) Neural Network for urban stormwater discharge modelling” (DownLoad)
  • Jie Liu, Ling Zeng and Hanbing Bian “Progress on the exploitation of urban underground space (UUS) in China” (DownLoad)
  • Elias Farah; Amani Abdallah; Isam Shahrour “Prediction of water consumption using Artificial Neural Networks modelling (ANN)” (DownLoad)

Session 5: Smart Geo-Environment & Geotechnics 

  • Jean-Michel Pereira “Big data and Machine Learning in geotechnical engineering: where are we? what’s next?” (Invited Lecture) (DownLoad)
  • Hicham Alhajj Chehade; Marwan Sadek; Daniel Dias; Fadi Hage Chehade “Optimization of sensors locations in internal stability analysis of Geosynthetic-reinforced earth retaining walls” (DownLoad)
  • Rim Trad, Hussein Mroueh, Hanbing Bian, Fabrice Cormery “Synthesis of numerical methods for the design of segmental tunnel lining” (DownLoad)
  • Xiaolong Zhao, Jungao Zhu, Hanbing Bian “Applicability of UH model to coarse-grained soil” (DownLoad)

Session 6 : Smart Infrastructures – II

  • Reza Taherzadeh “How to govern the main challenges in the conceptual design of a metro project”  (Invited lecture)
  • Michel Gérard and Charles-Edouard Delpierre « Utility corridors for sustainable cities” (Invited lecture)
  • Makram Abdellatif; Julien Chamoin; Didier Defer “A thermal control methodology based on a predictive model for indoor heating management” (DownLoad)
  • Abdallah AL Naemi & Isam Shahrour “Transformation of the water system of the Education City in Doha into a smart water system” (DownLoad)
  • Pavel Vitliemov, Daniel Bratanov, Milko Marinov “An approach to design a distributed knowledge-based platform for energy efficient cities”

Session 7 : Resilient infrastructures II

  • Marwan Al Heib « Pros and cons of smart valorisation and re-use of abandoned underground cavities » (Invited lecture) (DownLoad)
  • Alain Saroufim and Elie Otayek “Analysis and interpret road traffic congestion costs in Lebanon”. (DownLoad)
  • Ahmed Kaddioui, Isam Shahrour, Ahmed El Oirrak “Uses of Augmented reality for urban utilities management” (DownLoad)
  • Rania Wehbe, Isam Shahrour “Use of BIM and Smart Monitoring for buildings’ Indoor Comfort Control” (DownLoad)
  • Samah Jabari, Isam Shahrour, Jamal Khatabi “Use of Risk Analysis for Water Security Assessment”.(DownLoad)